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FAQ's don't always answer all of the questions that users may have. Usually it is the user's questions that expose the real problems. We have prepared a simple FAQ below but we would love to hear from our users so that we can make sure that browsing, posting and using our site is as enjoyable as it is informative.


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9/11 Memorial - We will always maintain a database of those who died on this day as well as any and all current events regarding 9/11

Arts - Direct link to the arts section of our directory listings.

City Info - This is a complete list of each department working in City Hall as well as utilities.

Classifieds FAQ - This is a detailed FAQ and Step-By-Step instructions to using our classified section at

Community - Hobokeni is dedicated to charities, benefits and all community organizations and services. If we are missing any organization or event please contact us.

Cultural Affairs - Hoboken's cultural affairs department is responsible for some of the most well attended events in Hudson County. We will always gave space to all events and hope to have a running commentary from the director.

Dining Guide - Hoboken has always been an important stop for all those seeking good food from fine dining to hot dog carts.

EMERGENCY - Please click here if you need to quickly access any and all information including phone numbers in case of an emergency.

Farmer's Market - for most of the Summer and part of the Fall you can fine some of the freshest produce New Jersey has to offer. We are not called the Garden State for nothing. We look forward to the directors stories of those who have passed through the market of the years and have left a lasting impression.

Festivals - By far the most popular link on We will make sure it is always up-to-date and look forward to some images from festivals past.

Historical Museum - Hoboken is lucky enough to have such an extremely dedicated organization cataloging and and documenting Hoboken's history and those who have made that history interesting.

History - Here you will find links to many fact filled pages and we hope to add to them in the coming years.

Hotels - It is never easy to find a place for a friend or relative to stay when coming to Hoboken so we hope these links and listings make it easier.

Houses of Worship - Continuing our dedication to all community and social services.

Lost & Found - If you have lost it please post it here. This is a free section in our classifieds at

Maps & Directions - The Marciano law office provided us with these amazing maps. We have also included driving directions.

Movie Times - RSS feed to Googles incredible zip code based movie theater times.

Night Life Guide - Hoboken has a rich history of night life and entertainment. Here is a list to the Bars, Clubs, Taverns, Lounges and Restaurants that make Hoboken such a major attraction.

Parking Utility - Ask anyone in Hoboken what the most difficult aspect of life in the Mile Square and the answer is almost unanimous... "parking." These are teh people who try to make our lives a little easier.

PATH Alerts - RSS feed to the latest news regarding the PATH train

Privacy Policy

Recycling - Schedules to garbage nights and recycling nights. Also includes special times hazardous materials can be recycled.

Register To Vote - Get out and vote! But first you need to register. Find out how and where here.

Sinatra - Old Blue Eyes. Do we really have to explain this?

Taxi - Despite being a mile square sometimes getting around Hoboken isn't easy. Here is a list of Hoboken taxis and also livery services to the local airports.

Theater - Hoboken has many theaters for live performance. These venues and companies provide award winning entertainment.

Transit Info - Living in Hudson County many residents do not own cars. Quite often they have travel needs that their feet sometimes cannot provide. Here are links to the planes, ferries, trains, and buses that get us to where we need to go.

Weather - We have used this link to the Weather Underground for many years and still find it to be the most informative.

Upcoming Events - Links to events in the current months calendar.

Blog Topics and Event Topics - These are a favorite. These areas are known as "tag clouds." As we enter events and listings we also add key words that get flagged in our database. When a user clicks on a word in one of these tag clouds the page returned will contain all incidents of that word tagged on a Blog or Event. As more words are added the more complex the cloud gets BUT as we found the easier the will become to navigate. Try it. Click a word now.