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Welcome to the new!

In an effort to update our look and functionality (which had become outdated) we searched for a sufficient CMS (Content Management System) to satisfy our needs. This past year we developed the site creating a custom template that simplified the navigation and is fully scalable. This scalability ensures hobokeni will keep up with advancements in the way communities communicate and interact.

As it becomes easier to communicate with friends, relatives and strangers across the globe it is important to maintain the neighborhood. Frequenting local businesses, schools, events and utilizing services and organizations is important to the life of the community. Just because we can get anything we want from numerous online businesses does not mean the local equivalent is any less valid or relevant. Through local classifieds and directory listings we hope to help maintain the relationships between all residents and members of the community both professionally and socially.

Two of the biggest changes to the site are the ability to include media and comments on any entry. Posters, photos, video, etc for your event, directory listing or blog can be easily uploaded to the site. To add media or comments to the site you must be logged in so make sure you sign up today. You can also bookmark or search each entry on your favorite online social network or feed. These links can be found at the bottom of each entry. Please let us know if their is a network or app you would like us to add

The new site is driven by four main sections; events, directories, blogs and classifieds. The directory is now the most powerful section. Whether it is a service you have to offer, something you need or want, a utility, organization, group, bar, restaurant or any other business it can be found in the directory. Directory listings now include maps and all information can be updated daily. If you currently have a listing with us please make sure we have the most current info via our contact form. If you need a business card or event posted on the site please contact us so we can add your information to the proper section. The events section is now complete with a calendar which can be downloaded to your own calendar program (iCal, etc...). We have maintained our original forums so that none of the entries were deleted during the update. Currently it would be difficult to move the old forums to the Drupal forum module but Drupal updates happen daily and hopefully this migration can happen in the near future. We have also maintained our relationship with Kaango because they provide the best classified ads available on the web. Most of the sections should be self explanatory and we are fine tuning the organization and functionality of the site daily.

We are open to all suggestions. Please be sure to contact us with any and all updates needed to any listing or event. We are looking for users interested in contributing to the site. If you would like to write about Hoboken we want to give you the forum to do so. If you have difficulty with any section please contact us as we will be preparing a FAQ that is being developed from the comments and questions of our users. Hobokeni is very supportive of all charities and benefits and will always give priority those events so please keep us up-to-date.

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