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VOTE! Tuesday November 3rd

If you have registered to vote (and we hope you have) please make sure you know which polling location you need to vote at.

Please follow this link to the Division of Elections Polling Place Search. Poll Place Search

There is a lot of very useful information on the Division of Elections site. Please visit their site for more information.

Division of Elections

VOTE: Tuesday, November 4th

Mayoral Candidates:
Nathan Brinkman:
Slogan: Unbossed. Uncorrupted. Undaunted.

Kimberly Glatt
Slogan: Experience. Leadership Everyone Can Trust

Beth Mason
slogan: Real Reform, Lower Taxes, People First!

Frank Raia
Slogan: A Real Plan for a Better Hoboken

Patricia Waiters
Slogan: Change With Integrity!

Everton Wilson
Slogan: Reform Hoboken

Dawn Zimmer (Acting Mayor)
slogan: Change That's Working