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La Luna wants to design your next logo... FREE

La Luna Productions has been making Hoboken businesses look better for over 18 years. We have used the services of the studio and Jane Migliore, owner and lead designer, has helped us out time and time again when we have needed it the most. Now it seems La Luna is having a logo contest. The deadline is soon, April 24th to be exact and one lucky Hoboken (only) business will receive a face lift of sorts. A new logo design from one of the most talented studios in the area. The full details of the contest are available on their site - La Luna Productions.

La Luna Productions Logo Contest

Logo Contest for Hoboken Businesses

Enter to Win!

Feeling a bit worn out these days? You're not alone. Between the property tax hike and the economic meltdown, Hoboken residents have been particularly hard hit. But one local company is doing its part to ease the pain. La Luna Productions, a graphic design and advertising firm that has been in Hoboken for more than 18 years, is stepping up with an exciting contest geared exclusively for Hoboken small business owners. Through April 24th you can go to and enter to win a shot in the arm for your business—a free logo. According to Jane Migliore, La Luna's owner and creative director, "When business is slow, it's the perfect time to take an objective look at your advertising strategy and come up with creative ways to jumpstart interest in your product or service. One great way to do that is by branding your company's image, which starts with your logo. I believe the positive recognition a memorable logo offers cannot be overstated."

She should know. A 28-year veteran of the graphic design and advertising world, Jane has experienced firsthand the need to reinvent her business. During the tidal wave of change that ushered in the digital revolution, many design houses went under, unable to keep up with the demand of new technologies. But Jane took this as an opportunity to embrace a whole new way to do the thing she loves—bringing an idea or product to life with the perfect design. Always finding new ways to keep her business viable and evolving has given her the insight needed to help other businesses prosper in good times and bad. Her philosophy is simple, "If you love what you do, don't let anything stop you!"

So what are you waiting for? If you need a logo to illuminate your new business or already have a logo that lacks lustre, this is your chance to add a new, exciting dimension to your marketing plan. Simply go to to enter the contest or request more information. While you're there, check out La Luna’s portfolio and wide array of graphic, advertising and web design services, providing creative solutions to illuminate all phases of your business. Contest entry deadline is Friday, April 24th and Grand Prize Drawing will be held on Tuesday, April 28th. Best of luck to everyone!