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Top 5 Items You Should Have On A Rainy Day In Hoboken

Rainy Day

Entry By: Furey

Hoboken, if you haven't heard, is a windy town. Situated along the Hudson River, the howling winds crash into our town often when storm fronts move through the area, since we don't have any big buildings to shield our town.

Spin City: Neumann Leathers Development?

Monday night , myself and other tenants from my condo gathered in our fitness room (which serves as our temporary conference room), to listen to Dean Marchetto (Architect) and representatives of Trammel Crow Residential (Developer) present their vision of developing land where the Neumann Leather Building is located at 300 Observer Highway.

What Your Drink Says About You in Hoboken

*WARNING! These personal observations may be offensive to some readers. The following is meant to be humorous and should be read as such. The opinions expressed in the following are not the opinions of but those of the author.*

What Your Drink Says About You in Hoboken

Searching For Scotch Whiskey - by Furey

Searching For Scotch Whiskey

Over the last year I have started to experiment with single malt Scotches. It started last year when at Mikie Squared they got a bottle of Macallan 12 year old. The owner handed me a glass, asking what I thought. It was smooth, a bit smokey and I liked it more after I cut it with a few ice cubes.