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Hoboken Bread

The owners of three Hoboken bread bakeries would like to get coal in their stockings. In this day and age, they are among the few—and I mean few—businesses that still get coal deliveries. However, without coal, they could not bake their famous "Hoboken bread."The coal-fired ovens they use are what make their bread so renowned. According to the famous bread baron, James Beard, there's nothing like bread toasted over coals.

Hoboken Ice Cream

Anyone who knows me knows ice cream is my obsession, but then again, who doesn’t like ice cream? To me, a night isn’t complete without a pint of Haagen-Dazs or a few scoops of really great ice cream. I prefer a creamier ice cream made from cream, milk and sugar (Philadelphia-style) or a silky-smooth custard (French style) ice cream made with eggs as opposed to ones with artificial ingredients or "gums." That’s why any ice cream shop with a "homemade" tag under its name attracts me.

Hoboken Pastry

Whenever I visit my parents in North Carolina, I have to make one stop before I catch my flight: Carlo’s. My mother loves the lobster tails here, so I get them along with a dozen pastries, the traditional favorites you can’t get down South, cannoli, sfogliatelle, pasticiotti, napoleons and éclairs. If I didn’t make this trip, I think I’d be left standing in RDU two hours later.